Representing Whistleblowers Reporting Fraud on the Federal and State Governments

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Representing whistleblowers reporting fraud on the Federal and State Governments
Representative Cases
Marblehead attorney lands largest settlement against a national therapy company servicing patients in skilled nursing facilities It took more than a few nights and weekends pouring over documents and constructing detailed spreadsheets with her lawyer, Jeffrey A. Newman of Marblehead, but Janet Halpin can now say it was all worth it... »Read more

Massachusetts Whistleblower Attorney

The JeffreyNewmanLaw represents whistleblowers in major cases involving Medicare Fraud including in Skilled Nursing Facilities. Already this year, his firm has settled two cases; one as against RehabCare/Kindred in the amount of $125,000,000, one of the largest settlements of its kind and another against Wingate Healthcare, owner of Skilled Nursing Facilities in the amount of $3.9 million. His cases also include pharmaceutical fraud on the government, medical device manufacturer fraud, as well as major tax evasion cases where the fraud is greater than $5 million. Jeff’s firm also handles financial fraud by banks, hedge funds and financial managers. As a lawyer, Jeff has had several major successful whistleblower cases including one against a pharmaceutical company which paid $35 million for issuing medications to patients without physician approval and then billing Medicare and another one this year involving a military contractor which paid $1.2 million to settle a false billing case in which it allocated salaries from one contract to another. He is presently lead attorney in pending cases around the country involving millions of dollars of fraud on the United States Government as well as various states under the federal and state False Claims Act. This unusual law allows individuals to bring lawsuits on behalf of the federal and state governments and to collect a percentage of what the government recovers for fraud and mis-billing.

As a Boston whistleblower attorney, the types cases Jeff and his firm have handled include medical device manufacturers that marketed and promoted their products for uses other than those approved by the FDA (off label marketing and promotion); pharmaceutical cases involving allegations of marketing and promoting unapproved and experimental drugs; fraudulent billing relating to nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities; military contract cases alleging fraudulent billing of the Army and major tax fraud cases relating to fraudulent creation of receipts resulting in millions of dollars in unpaid taxes.

The firm’s team includes Jeffrey A. Newman, a Boston whistleblower attorney; a medical student handling medical research issues; a paralegal who speaks four languages and a patient advocate for the elderly in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

The firm is handling cases of major tax fraud before the IRS as part of its whistleblower office which involve something called “transfer pricing” by major corporations where they seek to evade taxes by shifting the income to foreign nations, such as Ireland.

With offices located in Boston and Marblehead Massachusetts, Jeff’s firm has cases in Massachusetts but also in various other states where he is admitted “pro-hac vice” in the federal courts of those locations outside of Massachusetts

Boston Whistleblower Lawyer

Jeff’s law firm has developed a detailed and comprehensive approach to handling whistleblower claims which increases the probability that the government will intervene in the actions as a result of the extensive review of all records, detailed and thorough analysis of the information which the whistleblower brings forward in combination with a careful analysis of appropriate legal cases and statutes to assure that the claim is viable under law. This methodology increases the probability of success and reduces the risk to the whistleblowers who come forward.

Jeff is a Boston whistleblower lawyer who has a Jurist Doctorate from Boston College and an MBA from Suffolk University and is a frequent speaker on the topic of whistleblowers in America involving healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, Jeff has authored one book entitled Handling Federal False Claims Act (Qui Tam) Whistleblower Cases, Legal and Strategic Considerations for both the Plaintiff and Defendant’s Counsel.

In addition to his work as a lawyer for whistleblowers, Jeff has handled many cases to jury verdict and has been involved in major national litigation including his role as co-lead counsel in the Boston Archdiocese clergy sexual abuse cases, resulting in a settlement of $85 million and which helped reveal the phenomenon of clergy sexual abuse around the world. If you are aware of information relating to fraud on the government, contact Jeffrey Newman for a free consultation at 617-823-3217 or email him at

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