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A detailed analytic and investigative approach to whistle-blowing law.

Whistleblower cases are unique. One whistleblower law, called The False Claims Act allows an individual to file a case on behalf of the government and to receive a percentage of moneys recovered if the case is successful. To be a whistleblower a person must have unique and undisclosed information about major fraud on the government. Because fraud must be proved, the whistleblower must present significant details, all of which must be fully analyzed and presented under seal. All of this has to be done within a limited amount of time as the whistleblower laws reward the “first to file” which means that if someone files ahead of you, they may be the only ones to collect the reward. Proper preparation of a disclosure to the government may mean analyzing thousands of documents and meeting with the client many times. If done correctly however this will set the case on the right course. There are no shortcuts here.

“What better way to spend my time than to represent the courageous people who reveal companies that swindle the government and weaken our Nation? I love my job and I feel I am helping deter the raw avarice and blatant fraud that brought our nation to its knees in 2008 with the government backed mortgage scandal. Now, it’s Medicare Fraud and the culprits are the Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical Device Companies, providers of Therapy at nursing home and Skilled nursing facilities and the large healthcare companies. They fraudulently bill the government by promoting drugs and products off label or by putting people in therapies they don’t need. The amount of Medicare and Medicaid Fraud is so immense that no one knows how deep it goes but it far exceeds all government estimates. Even worse, the fraud is so institutionalized that it will take a major effort over a long time to stop it. Whistleblowers may be the only way this will happen.”