Actual evidence that Chinese companies are transshipping goods to other countries to hide the country of origin to evade U.S. tariffs

There are companies in China which offer services to Chinese companies to transship their products to other nations such as Malaysia in order to evade U.S. tariffs and re-label them as if they came from Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mexico and other nations. One such company is Settle Logistics which stated on its website “…For those unfair trade barriers targeting our industries from certain countries, we can adopt other approaches to bypass trade tariffs to expand markets,” according to the New York Times. Another Chinese company CT-Chan also promises that it can help manufacturers avoid American tariffs. “Product requirement: Do not have ‘Made in China logo” said its website.

Yet another company, Top & Profit International Forwarding in Shenzhen says that it is “breaking the barriers of international trade and anti-dumping to let Chinese products enter international markets successfully” Settle Logistics in Hangzhou says that it works with a factory in Malaysia and can obtain Malaysian certificates of origin for goods made in China.

Shipping goods from China to Malaysia costs $3,000 to $4,000 per 40-foot shipping container which is about $2,000 more than shipping directly to the U.S. There are additional costs for Malaysian certificates of origin and packing and unpacking the goods in different containers.

Tariff evasion for imports into the United States is a serious offense. In addition, individuals with information about such evasion may themselves bring whistleblower actions for the U.S. under The False Claims Act and are entitled to up to 30% of what the Government recovers in such cases.