Genova Diagnostics Inc. Lab pays up to $43 million to settle charges of Medicare fraud on clinically unnecessary lab gastro effects tests

Genova Diagnostics had agreed to pay up to $43 million to settle allegations that it had fraudulently billed the federal government for unnecessary lab services. The complaint filed with the federal court in May 2018, Genova allegedly sought and received payment for fecal, blood and urine tests that have not been scientifically proven to diagnose any […]

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Laboratory company pays $17million settling False Claims Act case alleging fraudulently billing Medicare for medically unnecessary feces tests

Genova Diagnostics, A laboratory company will pay the government $10 Million for allegedly tested patients’ feces unnecessarily and billed the federal government, leading to charges of Medicare fraud. Now, they’ll pay between $17-43 million to settle those allegations and others, according to the Department of Justice.  A lawsuit filed in federal court alleged Genova improperly submitted […]

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False Claims Act Areas to Watch in 2020

The Department of Justice recently announced that it obtained more than $3 billion in settlements and judgments under the False Claims Act in 2019. The source of most of these payouts was qui tam actions filed by whistleblowers. Under the False Claims Act, whistleblowers may be entitled to significant financial compensation when they provide information […]

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Two attorneys and whistleblower discussing False Claims Act complaint.

Common False Claims Act Whistleblower Mistakes

Under the False Claims Act, which is one of the country’s most protective whistleblower laws, people can receive financial rewards for reporting specific types of fraud perpetuated against the federal government. The following types of fraud are covered under the act:  Colluding to collect money from the federal government for fraudulent claims, Purposely failing to […]

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Attorney and anonymous false claims act whistleblower.

Can a False Claims Act Whistleblower Remain Anonymous?

The main concern of most people who consider “blowing the whistle” on wrongdoing is confidentiality. Potential whistleblowers want to report fraud, but they also fear that doing the right thing may have negative unintended consequences. These are valid concerns, as those who defraud the federal government are usually quite capable of retaliating against employees who […]

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Attorney discussing false claims act case with whistleblower.

False Claims Act: Do I Have a Case?

The False Claims Act (“FCA”) is a law that imposes liability on people who defraud the federal government. In order to encourage people to report such fraud, the FCA provides financial incentives to reporters, who are also known as “whistleblowers.” Specifically, a whistleblower may be entitled to up 30% of all proceeds recovered in an […]

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Business man violating the False Claims Act.

What Is the False Claims Act?

Private individuals can file a lawsuit for violations of the False Claims Act (“FCA”) on behalf of the U.S. government. If successful, an individual who files a lawsuit under the FCA, also known as a whistleblower, is entitled to up to 30% of the proceeds while receiving protection against retaliation. But what is the FCA? […]

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Fomer Countrywide Exec awarded $57.6 million in whistelblower case involving mortgage fraud. One of the largest awards ever

Edward O’Donnell, a former executive at mortgage lender Countrywide Financial, is set to collect a cool $57.6 million from Bank of America (BAC), for his role in exposing fraudulent activity at the firm. A  federal grand jury ruled that Countrywide Financial, which is now owned by Bank of America, had defrauded government-backed firms Fannie Mae and Freddie […]

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