The Internal Revenue Service hiring independent consults to help find cryptocurrency tax evaders

The  IRS sent out a statement of work (SOW) on May 12 requesting help from independent consultants to crack down on cryptocurrency tax non-compliance. According to the SOW, the IRS is seeking help from technology companies with crypto tax software to reconcile taxpayers’ reported cryptocurrency gains and losses on the tax returns. The process includes […]

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Turkish Journalist is Sentenced to Jail Time for Her Work in The Paradise Papers as Decided By Istanbul Court After Investigation

After a lawsuit was filed against investigative journalist, Pelin Ünker, for her reporting on the Paradise Papers, an Istanbul court has found her guilty of defaming Turkey’s former Prime Minister, Binali Yildirim. For speaking against Yildirim and reporting on his confirmed offshore activities, Ünker has been sentenced to thirteen months in jail and a substantial […]

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