Customs and Border Protection investigating Minnesota company for tariff evasion for hiding “Made in China” stickers on surge protectors

Customs and Border Protection is looking into a Minnesota company for tariff evasion after a Channel 9 and Cox Media Group investigation which found the country of origin labeling irregularities on surge protectors made in China. CyberPower Systems surge protectors being sold in Home Depots. Cox Media Group stations in Atlanta, Boston, Jacksonville, Memphis, and Pittsburgh discovered similar irregularities in other products.

Packaging for the CyberPower Systems surge protectors bought had “Made in Philippines” and “Made in Taiwan” stickers covering other wording that said, “Made in China.” In other products “Made in China” print had been blacked out with a permanent marker.

The U.S. previously imposed a tariff of 25 percent on hundreds of categories of products imported from China, including surge protectors.