Finally one pharma company wakes up — Eli Lilly offers 40% discount for insulin

Eli Lilly & Co.,  manufacturer of insulin, is discounting the injectable drug by as much as 40%.  The move comes after several years of skyrocketing price increases in which top-selling insulins have more than doubled in price since 201. Some conclude that the increases are a result of  an increase of middlemen known as pharmacy-benefit managers who negotiate rebates and fees based on list prices.

Both the buying consumers and Congress have express their anger over the increase in drug prices generally.

Lilly announced that the cuts are being accomplished through a partnership with Express Scripts to reduce costs for people who pay full retail prices at the pharmacy. Its focus is individuals without health insurance or who are in  high deductible insurance plans.The discounts start Jan. 1 and are available through mobile and web platforms hosted by Blink Health, a New York startup that promises consumers lower prices for generic prescription drugs.Jeffrey Newman represents whistleblowers.