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Foreclosure Fraud Netting Nearly $20 Million Leads to Jail Time for 3 Company Managers European Union Whistleblower Laws Massachusetts Physician Accused of Healthcare Fraud Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison More and More Water Contaminants Being Found in U.S. Water Supply President Trump and Some Psychiatrists are Advocating for Mental Asylums Trade Policies Could Kill Off Native Bees Amazon Reaches Tax Evasion Settlement with French Authorities Resistant Infections Run Rampant During Public Health Crisis but the Government Stayed Quiet Initial Coin Offering Scam Targeted Investors for Fake Decentralized Bank A 19th Century Law Is Helping Combat Scientific Fraud The Justice Department Can Help Curb Opioid Overdoses Corporate Fraud is NOT Just a Product of Japan Federal Agent Accepts $20,000 and Other Valuables to Dismiss Indictment on Cocaine Trafficking Kingpin Hospital Groups Suing the Trump Administration Over Drug Subsidies Addiction Centers Targeting Unions and Draining Benefits Fake Cancer Scam Highlights Needs for Watchdog Websites Tiny Montana Power Company Tasked with Puerto Rico’s Power Surprising Survey Results Show That Companies Don’t Consider Climate Change a Threat Paying the Fine with Fake Mortgages at the Taxpayer’s Expense Herbalife Under Investigation for Foreign Bribery Electronic Patient Records and Healthcare Fraud Whistle Blown On Wells-Fargo Fraud Whistleblowers Fighting Against Ocean Pollution Receive Rewards eClinicalWorks Pays Record $155 Million to Settle Whistleblower Case of Medicare Fraud Major Whistleblower Settlements and Judgments in 2016 — $4.7 Billion Worth European Commission Targets Google Parent, Alphabet Inc., with $2.71 Billion fine for Antitrust Has the SEC Violated the First Amendment?
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